Finding the one


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This week I had a simple goal; get a new bag. What is simple is not necessarily easy. This challenge consisted of power walking,uncertainty, and difficult first world decisions. I hate to admit it but when it comes to picking a bag, I get lost. I’m in my element with clothes and shoes, but bags can wear me down (except clutches). I was looking for a dark colored medium shoulder bag or medium sized tote. I started checking out Fendi

IMG_5439  IMG_5437IMG_5421 Although I was tempted, the black 2Jours didn’t close and the 3Jours felt like I was forcing a relationship to work.

I played around Givenchy for a bit….or too long. I looked at the black, gold, and grey Medium Antigona. They didn’t have the burgundy :(

IMG_5433  IMG_5430IMG_5435

My bag model (mom) was really great throughout this whole decision process.. so thanks mom! xoxo

After searching FendiPradaMiuMiuDiorChanelAlexanderMcQueenStellaMcCartneySaintLaurentLanvin I was exhausted and emotionally drained. I questioned my taste and decision making skills. Do I even know what I want? Do I even like bags? When did I become so hopeless at this?

But then I found it. It had been there all along at Balenciaga. It was a decent sized bag with a shoulder strap (no compromise!) And it was a dark fall color that I loved. (Anthracite..aka super dark bluish green) Welcome Home!!!!!!


Balenciaga Giant City Gold in Anthracite

I think we will be very happy together.

Be Free & Be Decisive,

Aysha & Celine

ATX getaway


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Oh Austin, TX. I think you finally have my heart. I just got back from a 10-day getaway and I wanted to share a couple things I got. I haven’t really expressed much about my fashion preferences yet, but I usually gravitate towards high fashion and contemporary brands. And when it comes to price tags of what I love, let’s just say I window shop pretty frequently. This trip was actually a refreshing change from the usual tears over a price tag.

I decided to walk into many quirky, adorable boutiques in downtown Austin. Here is some of what i found

white bracelet and fun rings!

white bracelet and fun rings!

I love how casual Austin is. I don’t know what did it but I decided to pretend I’m 16 and walk into Pacsun, where I fell in love with this light cardigan for less than $40

L.A Hearts

IMG_5008 L.A Hearts

and these little things..( $8 )


Despite the cool thrifty shopping trips, I loved rocking these J brand shorts and “The Perfect Shirt”

IMG_4906  …at least I’m saving on a photographer

Although it is fall, I’m still in summer mode..probably since it is 97 outside.

Until next time

Be free and be financially responsible (kinda)


Aysha & Celine

Nerd Alert: Valentino and Miu Miu


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So let’s get a few things straight. To earn this thing called… money, I went to school and got two degrees in Accounting (bachelor’s and master’s if you were wondering). Needless to say, I have this nerdy side to me that may or may not be reflected in my obsession with glasses. Yes, we all know that glasses are cool and hipster now, but I have been obsessed with glasses since I got my first Chanel pair years ago in high school which were later stolen at the library (sigh).

Recently I decided to add two new pieces (Miu Miu and Valentino) to my eye wear collection. Check them out below. Miu Miu


Before I went looking for new glasses, the black Miu Miu pair were exactly what I had in mind. I knew I wanted a black, large frame with gold accents. However, when trying on nearly half of the store, I also fell in love with the neutral look and decided the Valentino’s would also be a good idea. While the black frames are more of a nerdy statement, the neutral frames reflect more a subtle, feminine nerdy look. Therefore, I found it essential that I get both. :)

Check out our instragram page for more pictures of these beauties @ nakeddaze.

Be free & be nerdy,

Celine and Aysha


Seeking Shelter


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Like most girls who live in unbearable hot and humid climates, I learned to seek shelter in air conditioned high end department stores. This weekend I decided to socialize so instead of checking out collections online I escaped to Harvey Nichols to forage for shiny things, closet essentials, and makeup.

Let the hunt begin..


I ravaged the crowded casual section and found “The Perfect Shirt” by Current/Elliot

MY perfect shirt now :)

MY perfect shirt now :)

For a change of scenery, I went to check out Charlotte Olympia

Her shoes and clutches have a way of making me feel nostalgic and I’m about to go to Candyland wearing nothing but these heels and makeup. Not sure if that makes sense but I find her collections to be the perfect, quirky combination of edgy and adorable.

IMG_4641 IMG_4637 IMG_4638 IMG_4646 IMG_4640

My final stop was at the Tom Ford makeup counter where I got my favorite brown eyeshadow quads and blush.

Clockwise: Golden Mink, Love Lust, Orchid Haze, Savage

Clockwise: Golden Mink, Love Lust, Orchid Haze, Savage

Until next time..

Be free & be bold

With love,

Aysha & Celine

Sea Island Escape


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Recently I just returned from a trip to Sea Island, Georgia. It was the most heavenly vacation filled with 5 star dining, amazing champagne, good company and of course, beautiful scenery.  Here is one of the the beach looks I rocked wearing a Mara Hoffman swimsuit and BCBG sunnies as well as some scenic shots I took.

Pool at Sea Island Resorts photo 2 photo 3 Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.17.09 PM

Be free & be naked,

Celine & Aysha


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