Work me hard


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I’m embarrassed! Not only because I struggled to spell “embarrassed” in the first place, but because I haven’t posted in about a month!

INEXCUSABLE ( spelled that right )

Over the past couple of weeks, I started a new job. After lounging around for a while, getting back into a routine is tough. Especially when it involves waking up at 4:30 AM.

Anyway, my first concern about starting was …. What do I wear?

I want to look professional. I do not deal with outside  people on a daily basis so I do not have to be in a suit (Score! I look terrible in a suit..seriously.) Also, I was tempted by many tight fit pants, and those adorable tight dresses but I figured….if I am going to be somewhere for about 10 hours, I probably don’t even want to be thinking about comfort.

So..I would like to thank the fashion world for the slouchy, baggy pants that have been in style. At first, I felt like Aladdin wearing them, but then I fell in love. Here are a couple outfits I found were very comfortable and were appropriate for the office.

I really like these because they were the pop of color I wanted so I’m not always in dark colors.

DVF fuchsia pants

DVF fuchsia pants

Saint Laurent kitten heeled pumps <3

Saint Laurent kitten heeled pumps ❤

These are my favorite pants. I usually pair them with a black Alexander Wang button-down, making my outfit look like a jumpsuit (appropriate one of course)


The MSGM pants with this old Pucci top… favorite thing to wear!

I love its colors!!

I love its colors!!

And this is what I wear when I feel like leaving in pajamas….but I can’t do that. This Mason dress is the most comfortable thing I have ever owned. My work clothes are all generally comfortable to the point where casual days don’t appeal to me lol

and yes my dog is always with me.

and yes my dog is always with me.

That is all for now! Next time I’m going to post the glasses I HAVE to get now

Be free and be comfortable,

Aysha & Celine XOXO


Finding the one


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This week I had a simple goal; get a new bag. What is simple is not necessarily easy. This challenge consisted of power walking,uncertainty, and difficult first world decisions. I hate to admit it but when it comes to picking a bag, I get lost. I’m in my element with clothes and shoes, but bags can wear me down (except clutches). I was looking for a dark colored medium shoulder bag or medium sized tote. I started checking out Fendi

IMG_5439  IMG_5437IMG_5421 Although I was tempted, the black 2Jours didn’t close and the 3Jours felt like I was forcing a relationship to work.

I played around Givenchy for a bit….or too long. I looked at the black, gold, and grey Medium Antigona. They didn’t have the burgundy 😦

IMG_5433  IMG_5430IMG_5435

My bag model (mom) was really great throughout this whole decision process.. so thanks mom! xoxo

After searching FendiPradaMiuMiuDiorChanelAlexanderMcQueenStellaMcCartneySaintLaurentLanvin I was exhausted and emotionally drained. I questioned my taste and decision making skills. Do I even know what I want? Do I even like bags? When did I become so hopeless at this?

But then I found it. It had been there all along at Balenciaga. It was a decent sized bag with a shoulder strap (no compromise!) And it was a dark fall color that I loved. (Anthracite..aka super dark bluish green) Welcome Home!!!!!!


Balenciaga Giant City Gold in Anthracite

I think we will be very happy together.

Be Free & Be Decisive,

Aysha & Celine

ATX getaway


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Oh Austin, TX. I think you finally have my heart. I just got back from a 10-day getaway and I wanted to share a couple things I got. I haven’t really expressed much about my fashion preferences yet, but I usually gravitate towards high fashion and contemporary brands. And when it comes to price tags of what I love, let’s just say I window shop pretty frequently. This trip was actually a refreshing change from the usual tears over a price tag.

I decided to walk into many quirky, adorable boutiques in downtown Austin. Here is some of what i found

white bracelet and fun rings!

white bracelet and fun rings!

I love how casual Austin is. I don’t know what did it but I decided to pretend I’m 16 and walk into Pacsun, where I fell in love with this light cardigan for less than $40

L.A Hearts

IMG_5008 L.A Hearts

and these little things..( $8 )


Despite the cool thrifty shopping trips, I loved rocking these J brand shorts and “The Perfect Shirt”

IMG_4906  …at least I’m saving on a photographer

Although it is fall, I’m still in summer mode..probably since it is 97 outside.

Until next time

Be free and be financially responsible (kinda)


Aysha & Celine

Nerd Alert: Valentino and Miu Miu


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So let’s get a few things straight. To earn this thing called… money, I went to school and got two degrees in Accounting (bachelor’s and master’s if you were wondering). Needless to say, I have this nerdy side to me that may or may not be reflected in my obsession with glasses. Yes, we all know that glasses are cool and hipster now, but I have been obsessed with glasses since I got my first Chanel pair years ago in high school which were later stolen at the library (sigh).

Recently I decided to add two new pieces (Miu Miu and Valentino) to my eye wear collection. Check them out below. Miu Miu


Before I went looking for new glasses, the black Miu Miu pair were exactly what I had in mind. I knew I wanted a black, large frame with gold accents. However, when trying on nearly half of the store, I also fell in love with the neutral look and decided the Valentino’s would also be a good idea. While the black frames are more of a nerdy statement, the neutral frames reflect more a subtle, feminine nerdy look. Therefore, I found it essential that I get both. 🙂

Check out our instragram page for more pictures of these beauties @ nakeddaze.

Be free & be nerdy,

Celine and Aysha


Seeking Shelter


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Like most girls who live in unbearable hot and humid climates, I learned to seek shelter in air conditioned high end department stores. This weekend I decided to socialize so instead of checking out collections online I escaped to Harvey Nichols to forage for shiny things, closet essentials, and makeup.

Let the hunt begin..


I ravaged the crowded casual section and found “The Perfect Shirt” by Current/Elliot

MY perfect shirt now :)

MY perfect shirt now 🙂

For a change of scenery, I went to check out Charlotte Olympia

Her shoes and clutches have a way of making me feel nostalgic and I’m about to go to Candyland wearing nothing but these heels and makeup. Not sure if that makes sense but I find her collections to be the perfect, quirky combination of edgy and adorable.

IMG_4641 IMG_4637 IMG_4638 IMG_4646 IMG_4640

My final stop was at the Tom Ford makeup counter where I got my favorite brown eyeshadow quads and blush.

Clockwise: Golden Mink, Love Lust, Orchid Haze, Savage

Clockwise: Golden Mink, Love Lust, Orchid Haze, Savage

Until next time..

Be free & be bold

With love,

Aysha & Celine

Sea Island Escape


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Recently I just returned from a trip to Sea Island, Georgia. It was the most heavenly vacation filled with 5 star dining, amazing champagne, good company and of course, beautiful scenery.  Here is one of the the beach looks I rocked wearing a Mara Hoffman swimsuit and BCBG sunnies as well as some scenic shots I took.

Pool at Sea Island Resorts photo 2 photo 3 Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.17.09 PM

Be free & be naked,

Celine & Aysha